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By posting here, you agree to California (Santa Clara County) jurisdiction. You may post any speech that is protected by the First Amendment, including hate speech, commercial solicitation, and nondisruptive heckling. However, disruptive behavior will be prosecuted. Penal Code 403: "Every person who... willfully disturbs or breaks up any assembly or meeting... is guilty of a misdemeanor." What you say cannot be unsaid. This is a permanent speech record that will not be altered except on court order.

This is a forum for respectful conversation. If a topic is being actively discussed, do not post off topic. (A topic is active if the "Topic:" line does not indicate "Open!".) Do not post at all unless you will remain here to participate in any ensuing discussion.

You may express any viewpoint, and you may use any words to express that viewpoint. (Viewpoints and the words chosen will never be deemed "disruptive" per se.) But posting off-topic is disruptive, as is excessive posting. (Your posting is excessive if the frequency of your posts is turning the "conversation" into a monologue or is impeding others from participating.)

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