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If you were in Mountain View prior to 2011, you probably know of me. I am the man responsible for the provocative signs prominently displayed daily on the streets of Mountain View during 2010. Have you wondered what became of me? Read on, and I will tell you.

If you've never met me face to face, please watch this short video so that I can introduce myself to you properly:

Here's an interview that someone made with me 7 years ago. The plan hasn't changed:

Finally, here's a video that Stanford Journalism (students at Stanford University) made right at the climax of my fight (with the City of Mountain View) to defend our freedom of speech:


I was silenced. My silence for these five years has not been voluntary. The Mountain View Municipal Corporation conspired, and continues to conspire, with District Attorney Jeff Rosen to abuse Court process to accomplish a criminal act. What they have done, and are continuing to do, is a capital federal crime:

18 U.S.C. 241: "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person... in the free exercise... of any right... [t]hey shall be fined... or imprisoned not more than ten years, ... and... if such acts include kidnapping..., they shall be fined... or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

18 U.S.C. 242: "Whoever, under color of any law..., willfully subjects any person... to the deprivation of any rights... shall be fined... or imprisoned not more than one year...; and if... such acts include the... threatened use of a dangerous weapon... not more than ten years...; and if... such acts include kidnapping... for life... or may be sentenced to death."

2014 US Sentencing Commission Guideline: 27-33 months of imprisonment for each count.

Your local newspapers and television media have not kept you informed of the record breaking legal marathon that has kept me entangled and overwhelmed in criminal court for over five years. All of my equipment remains in government custody. I've had to pay thousands of dollars in bail premiums to post bail four times to retain my freedom so that I can fight back. I have not dared to attempt to display a sign in Mountain View for five years, with one disastrous three day exception in 2013. I've suffered the "assistance" of no less than ten treacherous court appointed attorneys. I've been fined a thousand dollars and sentenced to four months of imprisonment in addition to the month and a half that I have already spent behind bars. Every police officer who has testified against me during two trials lied under oath about his or her actions in incidents that were voice recorded; the voice recordings contradict what each officer said under oath. (By clicking "archive" (at page top), you can listen to the voice recording of each incident and then read the official court transcript containing what the officers said happened.)

ALERT! The following paragraph celebrates success prematurely. On Sunday, May 17, 2015, I was arrested while standing on the roadway at El Camino Real at Castro Street, holding a sign that read, "MOUNTAIN VIEW VERSUS FREE SPEECH: READ ABOUT IT AT IDEAFARM.COM". Click the microphone now to hear the first three minutes of this unwelcome visit by an MVPD officer.

Now click this sentence to read what happened next!

Local history was made on April 28, 2015. On that day, after six years of struggle, I was able to force the Mountain View Police to obey the law by going away without writing a ticket or arresting and imprisoning me. Because of the unusual shape of the intersection of El Camino Real at Castro Street, there is a large area where a sign holding pedestrian can stand on the roadway without breaking any law and without creating any hazard. When I tried to stand there in 2009, a "pissing contest" began. The police know that I am not breaking any law. But it infuriates them to not be able to prevent me from standing there. So for six years, I have occasionally stood there, holding a sign, in order to change the system by forcing the police to realize that they are not themselves the law. Their job is only to enforce the People's Law. For six years, the police have interfered anyway. In each of many incidents, the police unlawfully interfered with my speech by citing me, arresting and imprisoning me, and even by sending me to the psych ward. For standing in that spot, I've been charged and convicted of public nuisance and of molestation by obstruction and sentenced to the four months of imprisonment already mentioned. All of this is illegal. All of this is unconstitutional. All of this is an outrage.

Yet you are not outraged, because you do not know what has been happening right here under your nose for these six years. You do not know, because your worthless local news media are not investigating and keeping you informed. They do not inform you because you do not want them to inform you. You are not vigilant citizens, quick to take action to right wrongs. You are not good, strong men and women, aware of your duty to preserve the freedom that you were born into for those who will come after you. Ignorance is bliss. Wrapped in your ignorance and selfishness, duty does not touch you, and compassion does not trouble you. You are sheep.

On April 28, 2015, I stood there again. Something different happened. The police were reasonable. When I respectfully discussed the law with them and asserted my rights, they went away. They upheld the law and the Constitution. Local history was made that day. Did any of the local newspapers or television news show inform you of it? Why did I have to expend six years of my life to bring constitutional policing to Mountain View? If the story is kept from you, if you do not "follow through" as vigilant citizens, will anything change?


Two different judges, one for each of the two farce trials that I have suffered, convicted me of all charges, in proceedings that couldn't possibly withstand scrutiny by any competent legal professional. When I told a judge, in a brief, that "This story will be told!", that judge had the audacity to respond by saying that the telling won't matter because the people won't care, and even if some care, they won't do anything. (By clicing "archive" (at page top), you can read the official court transcripts, briefs, and orders, and listen to all of the voice recordings, and view all of the videos, that were admitted into evidence.) The Constitution guarantees us the right to a public trial, but criminal trials are not "public" in any meaningful sense in Santa Clara County. Both the judges and the attorneys in the proceedings against me have demonstrated an utter lack of any sense that they are accountable to the People, to the Constitution, or to the Law. The Courts in Santa Clara County are out of control, in a constitutional sense. These petty bureaucrats, entrusted with the awesome coercive power of the State, wield that power to please the money interests of this county, and their contempt for both the People and for the People's Law is abundantly in evidence.

City Councilman and ex-Mayor Jac Siegel, the star witness against me in one of the trials, lied under oath dozens of times about the intersection of Castro Street at El Camino being filled with schoolchildren crossing with backpacks and schoolbooks who were in great danger because of my sign holding activity on January 21, 2013. Unfortunately for Mr. Siegel, that day happened to be Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Graham Middle School was not in session. Mr. Siegel was confronted with this fact in the courtroom and given multiple opportunities to retract, modify, or explain his testimony. He had nothing to say. (By clicking "archive", you can read the official court transcript to see exactly what Mr. Siegel had to say about those mysterious schoolchildren and what he did when confronted with the fact that school was not in session that day.)

On one of the many occasions when I was taken into custody unlawfully, in violation of Penal Code 853.6, I was wearing two voice recorders on my chest. While I was being booked down in the basement of Mountain View Police Headquarters, a police officer thought that he had turned off both recorders. But one of the recorders continued to record. While I was being transported to San Jose Main Jail, those voice recorders were taken upstairs and placed onto a detective's desk in what sounds like a large central area used for investigative work. For about one hour, that recorder continued to record as an officer listened repeatedly to my arrest while conversing with several other officers. At one point, one of the officers said, "Well, maybe we can do a tresspass." They were discussing what they could charge me with to make the arrest lawful! (By clicking "archive", you can listen to that recording, hear what sounds like the officer chambering a round in his automatic handgun as he confronts me, and then listen as the detectives comment about what I could be charged with, about how the City Council is going to be pleased that they've arrested Ideafarm, and about whether City Attorney Jannie Quinn's tits are real.)

There is more, much, much more. Over these five years, I've barely been able to preserve my evidence, which consists of a collection of 150,000 voice recordings, pictures, court and police documents, emails, and government correspondence, and a small number of news clippings involving alleged corruption in local policing agencies and within District Attorney Jeff Rosen's office. This evidence requires 200 gigabytes of storage, and just managing that much information with a netbook while living out of a backpack on the streets has been overwhelming. It is just short of miraculous that I have managed to preserve this evidence and organize it enough to present it to you in the "archive" link here on IDEAFARM.COM. All of this evidence is only a few clicks away from you. But the archive is a mess, in that thousands of files need to be renamed so that they appear in proper order on the "day pages" within the archive.


I am writing to ask you to help me tell the story. Mine is the cry for help of a man drowning in the surf. Will you just stand on the beach, not noticing my desperate need? Will you nudge your friends and say, "Hey, look there! A man is drowning. How entertaining! Let's wager on how long it takes for him to drown!"? Or will you, as good, strong men and women, set aside whatever you are doing and come immediately to my aid? This page was not written to entertain you. It is the desperate cry of a man drowning in the surf.

By coming to my aid, you will be saving something even more dear than my life; you will be saving the submerged treasure chest that is slipping from my grip and that I am desperately trying to bring to shore to give you. The treasure is your freedom, the freedom that you, as citizens of the United States, were born into, the freedom that you are neglecting to preserve for the generations yet to come. Come to my aid, and you and your children will be abundantly rewarded. If I drown, the chest will sink to the bottom of the ocean and be carried out into the depths, and you will never know what you have lost today by failing to do your duty.

The Mountain View Municipal Corporation and District Attorney Jeff Rosen have triumphed completely in abusing the Court's process to completely silence and destroy me. But the legal fight itself is a stalemate; I've been able to hold my ground, while suffering heavy losses. For five years, I have fought alone and never come to you for donations or other forms of help. But now I am being hammered by adversity. I am now being overwhelmed by an opponent who is "going for the kill" with vastly superior resources, who hopes to prevent my story of brazen government corruption from being told. I can no longer do this alone. I am overwhelmed, not by the legal fight, but by three recent misfortunes:

First, in December, 2014, I was evicted from two storage units as a direct result of a provably false statement made by Code Enforcement officer Christopher Costanzo to the management of Peninsula Storage, where I had been a tenant for three years, with two units. This lie resulted in my immediate eviction, which in turn caused me to lose all of my possessions. This act was motivated by the City's desire to prevent me from telling the story. All of my original evidence of government corruption ended up in a dumpster. The loss of my evidence would have been total had I not already scanned it all into electronic form. I had used one of those storage units as a law office where I could write legal briefs, research the law on the Internet, and store my evidence safely. My response to losing my "law office" was to move everything to the Internet Cloud, using the services of Rackspace.com.

Second, two months later, on February 7 of this year, I collapsed while working at a study carrell in the Mountain View Public Libary. I collapsed because a previously undiagnosed GIST tumor on my stomach made its presence known by suddenly starting to bleed profusely. El Camino Hospital ER had to give me two units of blood to save my life, and the tumor was surgically removed five days later, as soon as I was strong enough to undergo surgery. I now know that I have stomach cancer, and I have begun chemotherapy, which I expect to buy me about five more years of life. (The chemotherapy for my kind of cancer is imatinib ("Gleevec"), which is a new kind of chemotherapy that does not affect healthy cells. That means that my hair won't fall out, and there aren't any life changing side effects. For the first week, my digestion was all messed up, but now that my body has adjusted to the drug, I feel perfectly healthy.) It is possible that the chemotherapy will cure me of the cancer. There is currently no sign of cancer in my body, but without chemotherapy, the probability that this kind of cancer will reappear and worsen is 55%. For me, every day is now doubly precious.

Third, on April 23, my backpack was stolen from a park bench in St. James Park, across the street from Superior Court in San Jose. I was there to discuss a pending appeal with the clerk of the Appeals Unit. (You can read the appeal by clicking "archive" (at page top).) The backpack contained most of my computer equipment, including my netbook, scanner, backup drive, USB hub, data cables, and phone charger. The backpack also contained my only dress clothes (slacks, dress shirt, tie), recently purchased and only worn twice!

It took me only a month to recover from losing my "law offices" and all of my possessions in December; by the end of January I had moved all of my evidence up into the Cloud and had begun to do most of my software development craftwork on a virtual server (also at Rackspace.com). By the end of January, my productivity was back to 100%. It took me two months to recover from the effects of the medical emergency on February 7. At the end of March, my body was adjusting to the chemotherapy, but I had returned to day labor and, other than an upset stomach, was feeling strong and healthy. Neither of those misfortunes caused me to think about coming to the community for help.

For all of these years, I've paid my own way, working as a day laborer and living without a home. Once the serious legal battles began in 2010, I began to receive food stamps. But I have never resorted to begging and have kept myself current on my credit card bills, bail premium payments, and court fees and fines by working as a day laborer. But the loss of my backpack is a crisis, and it seems to me that it is time for me to end my reliance upon day labor and try to find some way to earn the money that I need by telling my story.


I am a civic activist and would-be speaker in Mountain View, California, the home of Google. In 2010, I attempted to speak provocative, politically incorrect civic messages on the streets of Mountain View, using large signs upon which I could insert letters to spell out short messages. With this powerful, "Twitter for the streets", method of spontaneous direct speech, I could reach 20,000 regional commuters and local residents each day, day in and day out, for months.

I used this speech method to bypass the local newspapers and other news media, which I claim throttle, censor, and spin the information that reaches the public, in order to manipulate public opinion and to keep the public content, pacified, and effectively lobotomized. My signs presented viewpoints that were never given voice in that media. Every Fall, my signs would attack the materialism of what I called "the December Shopping Spree" with messages such as, "SEAL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN AN ENVELOPE" and "DON'T BUY GIFTS FOR ANYONE OVER 13". At other times during 2010, I expressed my views on illegal immigrants with signs such as, "SPEAK ENGLISH AT WORK AND IN PUBLIC PLACES" and "#1 THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC: MEXICAN COLONISTS". When a federal judge struck down California's constitutional ban on same-gender marriages at the end of the summer of 2010, I spoke with signs such as, "EVEN QUEERS AGREE: SOME SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IS PERVERTED" and "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS".

The signs about queers are assertions (hypotheses) of a scientific fact, not expressions of hate. The overall message, that "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS", fits logically with my views on gender and sexuality, expressed with signs such as, "A MAN'S PLACE IS TO BE HUNTED, AND TO HUNT", and, "A WOMAN'S PLACE IS IN THE VILLAGE". I am a social scientist. My graduate education at the University of Chicago was funded by both a full scholarship and a generous fellowship. I hold a "Ph.D. Lite" in economics from that institution and a B.A. magna cum laude from UCLA, which I also attended on a full scholarship. My scientific and philosophical interest in the field of gender and sexuality began while I was a first year graduate student at Chicago, studying under Nobel Laureate Gary Becker. Becker transformed the field of economics by applying economic analysis to racism, marriage and the family. The development of my opinions on this topic was influenced by my upbringing within the Catholic Church, by eight years of education by Benedictine and Dominican sisters and priests, by studying under the personal guidance of a leading social scientist, and by being married for 17 years and raising up two daughters into good, strong women. (Both of these daughters have minds of their own and disagree with me on many things.)

My opinion that QUEERS ARE PERVERTS is also informed by my own personal experience with perversion. A full statement of my opinion would be, "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS, AND WE ARE ALL QUEER". "Queer" just means that the person does not fully conform to "the marriage norm", and none of us fully conform to that norm. I am probably more queer than many, although I do not identify as queer, so I could (and did) display a sign that proclaimed, "I SPEAK WITH AUTHORITY BECAUSE I AM A QUEER".

My opinions themselves were not shocking to the commuters, corporate employers, retail businesses, and residents of Mountain View. I wasn't saying anything new that they'd never heard before. What outraged them was that the expression of these minority opinions had become part of the Mountain View landscape. With my 24x7 signs continually visible on the streets of Mountain View, people who disagreed with these opinions had to encounter them on their way to work and as they went about their daily business. Mountain View is an uber-tidy place, and that tidiness includes homogeneity of thought. What did the many queers who work at Google think as they read "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS" on my signs on their way to work or to business lunches on Castro Street with executives from Europe and Asia? Was this the Mountain View that they wanted to display to those executives? Was this the Mountain View that they wanted to call their home and their place of business?

The majority of my signs, such as, "BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE" and "EDITORS ARE PAID TO STEER YOUR THOUGHTS", were not provocative and were received with approval or, at worst, indifference. But the relatively few signs which got people all riled up were so incendiary that they threatened billions of dollars of local economic and politial interests. In 2009, the market value of real estate in Mountain View had been $18 billion and had fallen precipitously in the months of 2010 before the federal judge struck down same gender marriage and I began to speak on the issue. The City of Mountain View was engaged in important negotiations which would ultimately produce a surge in development of large properties, with the calculated and actual effect of reversing the financial bloodbath and restoring wealth to the real estate owners. Large, provocative signs prominently displayed across from City Hall and at Mountain View's showcase intersection (El Camino Real at Castro), just two blocks away from City Hall, did not jibe well with the City's desperate and determined effort to shore up property values, retail sales, and tax revenues.

The "look and feel" of a municipality is a significant determinant of how attractive a city is to prospective residents and businesses. Anything that reduces the long term perceived value of residing or operating a business in a city by, say 10%, will reduce the capitalized value of real estate by the same percentage. Software development is an important industry in Mountain View, and, for decades, software development has been a "haven occupation" for queers. Mountain View has a large and growing queer community, and catering to that community is certainly part of the long term plans of both Google and the City, whether or not such is admitted publicly.

It is not difficult to imagine that signs displaying, "QUEERS ARE PERVERTS", "#1 THREAT TO THE REPUBLIC: MEXICAN COLONISTS", and "SEAL YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN AN ENVELOPE" were profoundly troubling to those who had already lost several billion dollars in the collapse of real estate value from 2009 to 2010.


I need you to stand with me, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE, whether or not you agree with my opinions, because you agree that the freedom to speak, and to hear what would be spoken, is the necessary foundation of any society that aspires to liberty and justice. It's about citizenship. It's about being human. It's about being a good, strong man, or a good, strong, woman. This story must be told. I need you to help me tell the story. I need you to help me preserve my evidence of government corruption so that it is not lost.

Some other day, we can debate how exactly we should move forward as we develop a society of liberty and justice in the United States. Some other day, we can battle with each other over how "marriage" should be defined, and over what role the coercive power of the State should have in enforcing sexual and other moral norms. Some other day, we can study, debate, and resolve, scientifically, whether or not QUEERS ARE PERVERTS. Some other day, we can discuss how to convert the millions of invading Mexicans, Asians, and other peoples within our borders into true immigrants united with us in real community, with understanding of and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and love for the principals for which it, and we, stand.

Today, I call on you to be united with me, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE, as I struggle to escape from the grasp of criminals and to expose their crime. What unites us must always be more important and dear to us than what divides us. I am a man drowning in the surf. I am a man holding a chest filled with treasure, desperately trying to deliver it to you. If you say, "Let him drown; I don't like his opinions!", then I will have my revenge, for the treasure that I would have delivered to you will go to the bottom of the sea with me.

I need urgently to purchase another laptop so that I can (1) resume cleaning up the archive, (2) write some essays with links into the archive so that you can easily find the recordings mentioned above, and (3) resume legal research and resume writing the legal briefs and motions that I MUST write in order to avoid being put behind bars and silenced, with the very real possibility that all of my evidence of government corruption will be lost. I am in an extremely vulnerable situation, and I must get some money coming in immediately.

If the story is told, the capital crimes that the Mountain View Municipal Corporation and District Attorney Jeff Rosen are committing will be exposed. If the D.A. and the City can keep the story from being told, they will win; they will get away with a capital federal crime committed in your name, using your tax money. My situation is precarious and deteriorating. Even a small misfortune could give them that win and deprive you of your right to ever learn of the evil that they have done. Even a small misfortune could result in the destruction of all of my evidence. If I had died on February 7, I would not be writing this, and you would never know what they have done.

I need you to stand with me NOW. One of my signs read, "ONE FOR ALL - ALL FOR ONE". A police officer testified in Court that he didn't understand what that sign meant. Please show the Mountain View Municipal Corporation that YOU know what it means!

"The Constitution is a sacred instrument,
and a sacred trust is given to us,
to see to it that its preservation,
in all its virtue and its vigor,
is passed on to the generations yet to come."
(President William McKinley, 1901)


I have a plan for bringing true liberty, justice, and economic empowerment to every human being on the planet. The first step is to restore constitutional government to the United States of America by awakening the people of the United States to the need for "lawful revolt" (wholescale, rapid reform). The centerpiece of the plan is a moral transformation that will reform adult individuals into good, strong men and women. (The key to reforming society is to reform the individual.) In my opinion, the root problem is that we have become a selfish people. It is this moral ignorance that disempowers us. This moral transformation can be achieved by ending the systematic oppression and persecution of unselfish people by "the plutocracy". Being unselfish is currently a losing strategy in the game of life. If we want to end the oppression of unselfish people, we must unite them for their common defense. The IdeaFarm (tm) Operations plan is to do this by organizing an economic association for unselfish people.

The plan is simple. It is lawful. It will work. And it will be fun!

I have dedicated my life to this vision, which I have pursued since I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago thirty years ago. I have no possessions other than a bicycle, a sign, and a backpack. My expenses are tiny. With just a little support from people in Mountain View and wordwide who are excited by my vision, I can devote all of my time and energy to working to make this vision a reality in our time.

"I disagree with (most of) what you say, but I will defend your right to say it!"
"I agree with (most of) what you say, and I will defend your right to say it!"

PRIVACY and VOTING: Hover over "privacy" (at page top). PayPal will send an email to me that I will tally as your vote. The email will contain your name and mailing address. I will tally which button you used (your vote), your postal code, and how much you donated. The voting results will be reported via email to everyone who votes, even those who donate only a penny. These emails will be placed into the archive (click "archive" at page top), so anyone can, with some effort, audit the reported voting results. Other than the presence of these emails in the archive, your name and address will not be listed on IDEAFARM.COM or otherwise disclosed without your permission. You can vote as many times as you want to.

Everyone who votes, even those who only donate a penny, will be kept informed regarding how the votes are accumulating. The voting will be reported by City and by Country. For each button, for each city and country, three tallies will be reported: (1) number of unique voters, (2) number of votes, and (3) amount donated.

Financial disclosure: Every penny donated will be spent to sustain my fight to restore the freedom to speak in Mountain View and to restore constitutional government to Santa Clara County, including truly public trials before an independent judiciary that faithfully defends the Constitution. My living expenses are minimal since I live out of a backpack and receive food stamps, which cover most of the cost of my food. Full financial disclosure will be made to all donors on request, with delayed disclosure to the general public once there is anything significant to report. At this time, as I launch this voting, I have no income and almost no expenses, other than monthly interest payments on four credit cards.

It will be very interesting to see whether the people of Mountain View come to my rescue. It will also be interesting to see which other countries, and which other cities within the United States, come to my rescue.


Anonymity is generally needed for those participating in a revolt. Local government officials here have known for years that I intend to organize a "lawful revolt" in the United States and that I chose Mountain View to be "ground zero" for the revolt. I, like many others, are of the opinion that the United States is no longer a functional constitutional democracy. My opinion is that the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of California have been overthrown by "the plutocracy", by which I mean a hidden political-economic system that finds it expedient to maintain the charade of democracy and constitutional government. On this question I can claim some authority as an expert, since I hold a Ph.D. Lite from the University of Chicago in economics.

The revolt that I envision will be a true revolt in that it will destroy the plutocracy. But it is not a revolt in a legal sense; it is not a revolt against the laws or the institutions of government. In a legal sense, my "lawful revolt" is merely wholescale, sudden, overwhelming reform. Help me tell my story, and you will then know how to defend your liberty and work for positive change. Use me as an example to guide you as you continue the "lawful revolt" against the plutocracy. I know the law. I stay within the law. I speak on the streets, using large signs. I fight in Court. That is how a "lawful revolt" can be done. There is no need to break the law. There is no need to destroy property. It is enough to (1) have a clear vision, to (2) speak on the streets, to (3) fight in Court, and to (4) work together to build what we envision. There is more to it, of course, but those are the core activities. Those are the activities that make the change come about.

Today's young people think that they must be anonymous if they want to work for change. This is error. Anonymity is necessary only if you are a criminal or if you are a coward or if you are paranoid. If I lived in North Korea, I would work for change anonymously. But in the United States, we have both the ability and the duty to work for change within the law, out in the open, in full view of the government. By working for change openly, we serve as leaders. Our leadership inspires others to join us.

If you fear your government, then it is time to change your government!

I am winning. I am doing this all alone, with no possessions, with only a tiny income. I am defeating the City of Mountain View and the District Attorney of Santa Clara County, Jeff Rosen. I've been doing this openly since 2006 and am still alive. They aren't plotting to kill me. (That would be stupid.)

No one is going to defend your freedom for you. The defense of freedom is the personal duty of every man and woman in the United States of America. Every child should be taught what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America, what is unique and precious about our system of government, and the duties of citizenship. We must be good, strong men and good, strong women, working together to develop freedom and to ensure that this work is passed along to young adults. We need our young men to "man up", which means to be both strong and good. We need our young women to do likewise, in the ways of women, which differ from the ways of men.

There is safety in numbers. I have risked my life to show you that you can stand your ground and fight back to defend your liberty. In the United States, our laws, our Constitutions, and our civil rights are so beautiful, so empowering, that it is possible for one man living out of a backpack to defend himself against an entire government, and win. If I can do this standing alone for six years, why should you be afraid to stand with me now?

IdeaFarm (tm) Operations, which is how I refer to my "lawful revolt" activities, is committed to full transparency. That is another core ingredient in my recipe for effective action for positive change. Don't be afraid to be a leader by standing with me publicly. Do not come to me and say, "I'm with you, but only secretly." Find your courage, and come stand at my side, and I will show you how to take back your birthright from those who have stolen it.



# Unique Voters

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Palo Alto Be the first! Be the first!

# Voters

Mountain View - 1
Palo Alto - -

Average donation ($ USD)

Mountain View - $40
Palo Alto - -


To adapt something that my father taught me when I was a teenager, there are eight reasons why you should vote (donate). The first reason is to let the corrupt police, judges, and polititians in Mountain View know that we WILL stand together, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE! The other seven reasons don't matter.

That's a bit of an overstatement, because this fight, and your personal participation in it, matters in several ways. Your vote (donation) will:

  1. Show the corrupt local officials that we, the People, will stand together, ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE.
  2. Show them that WE will hold them to account for POOPING on our Constitution, our Laws, and our Rights.
  3. Show them that we do not fear them and that THEY SHOULD FEAR US!
  4. Enable me to preserve the evidence and tell the story of their crime.
  5. Enable me to enlist the help of the FBI so that they will be prosecuted.
  6. Enable me to continue to fight for constitutional policing.
  7. Enable me to continue to fight for our freedom to speak and to hear whatever would be spoken.
  8. Enable me to continue to speak my outrageously politically incorrect views.
  9. Enable me to restore vigor and open mindedness to the "civic conversation" here in Mountain View and worldwide.

The personal effect of your decision to vote (donate) on yourself will be:

  1. You will stop fearing the government and the police.
  2. You will begin to believe that you can personally make your world better.
  3. You will become an active, engaged, empowered person.
  4. You will stop feeling alienated.
  5. You will begin to experience real community.

Place your vote (donation) right now. Click the box to make it a recurring donation. Stop coping and escaping. Start taking control of your life and your community. Make a stand. ONE FOR ALL - ALL FOR ONE!

If you give a donation to a drunk, you are just enabling him to buy another drink and waste another precious day. If you give a donation to "Save the Whales", you might save a whale, but you will only confirm to the corrupt politicians and bureacrats that you will do nothing to hold them to account for their crimes against you. If you give a donation to fund my effort to preserve my evidence and expose their crimes, your world will change, and it will be a new day in this corrupt city and this corrupt county.

Click to view the normal IDEAFARM.COM landing page.