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IdeaFarm (tm) Operations

"The Constitution is a sacred instrument, and a sacred trust is given to each of us to see to it that its preservation, in all its virtue and its vigor, is passed on to the generations yet to come." (United States President William McKinley, 1901)

Vision: Liberty, justice, and economic empowerment for every human being on the planet Earth.

Guiding principle: A conversion of 1/8 of humanity from selfish to unselfish living will achieve this vision.

Mission: "Connect People Wholesomely" (in three ways)

Approach: Create a compelling economic incentive for individuals to commit to the unselfish way of life.

Plan: Organize unselfish people into an economic association. Articulate a compelling vision. Organize "operations" that are simple, lawful, effective, and fun.

Money: The IdeaFarm (tm) Operations organization is operated for profit but is owned by "humanity yet unborn". Legally, IdeaFarm (tm) Operations will be organized as a tax exempt nonprofit corporation. The incorporation documents will impose full transparency and will prohibit the acceptance of donations. All operations will be funded by the sale, for profit, of products and services that directly "Connect People Wholesomely".

Status: IdeaFarm (tm) Operations has been in existence as a sole proprietorship since 1999. It is currently owned by Wo'O Ideafarm, a dual citizen of the United States of America and of IdeaFarm (tm) City. There are no significant assets or revenues. Once there are, an incorporation committee will be recruited and incorporation papers will be filed.

Invitation: Participation is open to everyone of all ages worldwide.




Op. IPDOS (tm)

Marketing launch of a new computer operating system: Not Windows! Not Linux! Something truly new, fresh, and radically different. IPDOS (tm), a.k.a. IdeaFarm (tm) Piggyback Distributed Operating System, is here, it's rock solid, and it is used every day to do real work. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle is IPDOS (tm) plus IdeaFarm (tm) Cloud File Administrator.

Do you administer a Rackspace "Cloud Files" container that contains thousands of files? IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle takes a different approach that is optimized for the efficient administration of multiple containers containing hundreds of thousands of files. Even if your Rackspace "Cloud Files" containers contain only a few files, IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle's different approach might please you. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle installs as an MS Windows Service, runs in the background, and is controlled by a simple plain text configuration file. IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle can be installed and used effectively on any Windows computer, even one with only intermittent Internet connectivity. When installed on a Rackspace "Cloud Server", IdeaFarm (tm) Bundle can use Rackspace's internal LAN so that you won't pay for bandwidth!

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Op. Expose

Expose government corruption in Mountain View and in Santa Clara County: You won't believe the shenanigans of the Mountain View Municipal Corporation, a.k.a. the City of Mountain View, until you see the proof. This operation will publish overwhelming evidence of illegal interference by government with a civic speaker. It is a story that the local press refuses to cover, and it is a story that is ongoing. There is neither constitutional government nor an independent judiciary in Santa Clara County. The crimes committed will stun you. The government has gambled that the story will never be told. Help tell the story!

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August 15, 2015: IDEAFARM.COM is being completely rewritten. You can contact the organizer, Wo'O Ideafarm, by sending email to <1.ideafarm.city@gmail.com>